X Games 2007


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[caption id="attachment_140" align="alignleft" width="402" caption="Boardslide at the X games"][/caption] I got a call from Spico and Shag (at the time both were working at Lib Tech) asking if I wanted to drive with them in a truck camper from Washington to Colorado for the snowskate portion of the X games. Having been to the X Games in 2003 I had known what I would be in for; the 'snowskate park' at the X Games is a small, fenced off, petting zoo-esque, sideshow that provides a very poor perspective on snowskating to passers by. I made a bi-deck with low trucks and a fat short subdeck with no sidecut so it would be stable at low speeds and ride straight. I pulled the board out of the press the morning I left so I didn't have a chance to test it, when we got there after much road drama Shag and Spico were not impressed with the park but I wasn't surprised. The course was small as expected but the event was a lot of fun, single and bideck competed together and I ended up getting second. I also broke a truck on my mountain snowskate while at Copper and ended up riding the x games park board and it was a ton of fun.