Early Season Kootenay Pass and Wh2o


Tags Riding
Got a couple early season powsurf days in. Nov 22, 12 - Kootenay Pass with Jeff on a Prospector 145 Powsurf, Katie on a 145 splitsurf and I was on a 112 Lunchbox Powsurf. Snow was great, despite lots of rain in town it stayed fluffy in higher elevations. Minor breakable wind crust on the top 1/3 and some boulders/snow snakes to watch for but still great early season conditions. 20-30cms of fresh.

      Nov 24, 2012 - Wh2o with Neil, Katie, and I on 112 Lunchbox Powsurfers. Whitewater got a meter of snow this last week so we headed up for some preseason powsurfing with a bit of blue sky poking through the clouds.